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Important Dates

Board Reorganization Day

From left to right:  (front row) Steve Cuckler (Rep. board member), Peg Watkins (Dem. board member), Karla Herron (director), (back row) Shawn Stevens (Rep. board member), Ed Helvey (Dem. board chair), and Anthony Saadey (deputy director).

PEO Red Carpet Award Recipients

Rebecca Stanfill, Ohio Secretary of State Regional Liaison, presents the highest award given by the Secretary’s office to Larry Fraker (left) and John Rybka (right), two Precinct Election Officials of Delaware County Board of Elections. The Red Carpet Award is only given to 5 recipients statewide each year. The award is given for outstanding service to precinct election officials who have repeatedly gone above and beyond in their service to our county.


Opening the Polls

The Delaware County Board of Elections’ staff waited on those decided to vote early in our Absentee Vote Center.