Voter Information – Things You Can Do From Our Site

You can download and mail-in an absentee request form to our office where it will be processed.
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You can fill out a voter registration form online and it will be processed.
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You can update your voter registration online and it will be processed.
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If you would like to see what is on your ballot, you may view it here.



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Important Dates

Board Reorganization Day

From left to right:  (front row) Steve Cuckler (Rep. board member), Peg Watkins (Dem. board member), Karla Herron (director), (back row) Shawn Stevens (Rep. board member), Ed Helvey (Dem. board chair), and Anthony Saadey (deputy director).

Opening the Polls

The Delaware County Board of Elections’ staff waited on those who decided to vote early in our Absentee Vote Center.